Our company stands out as it specializes exclusively in the use of an imported, high-class roofing material called “Twinwall Polycarbonate”.

This type of roof is of the highest quality in terms of the basic material (POLYCARBONATE) and the associated accessories.

The POLYCARBONATE roofing sheets have become a mainstream product in the building industry. Due to the inherent high quality of the complete roofing system our materials have become the preferred choice for architectural applications as well as the discerning homeowner.

Other uses are shopping malls, commercial skylights and other domestic or commercial situations where a finish with some architectural flair is desirable.



Impact Resistance - Excellent

Texture - Yes

Flammability Resistance - Yes

Weatherability - Excellent

Printability - No

Code Approvals - Yes

Abration Resistance - Good

Colours (Tints) Available - Yes

Clarity - Excellent

Standard Sizes Available - Yes

Chemical Resistance - Fair

Formability - Yes

Temperature Resistance - Excellent

Degrees of Light Transmission - Excellent









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